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4 Can’t Miss Sessions to Watch from Digital Workplace Americas 2020

This month, M-Files hosted the Digital Workplace Americas Virtual Summit 2020 — sharing information centered around how to maintain productivity and efficiency in these unprecedented times.

With a cadre of speakers from companies like Adobe, Salesforce, Microsoft and more, the summit exposed some of the most effective strategies in guiding digital transformation and establishing the flexible workplace of the future.

Check out these four must-watch sessions from the summit for actionable takeaways that you can put into practice immediately.

Go from Survive to Thrive

Making it through the COVID epidemic has been (and continues to be) challenging and demanding. Organizations must take a hard look at themselves and ask some tough questions.

  • Everyone has a laptop and a safe place to work, but are we able to run your processes as efficiently as we did in the office?
  • Can our executives review and approve contracts from mobile devices?
  • Where are the documents that our distributed team has created in the past six months being stored and managed?
  • Can everyone access the files they need easily?

Now is the time to look at what is working and what is not working, optimize your processes, evaluate your systems, and adapt to this way of working. Join Team Informatics Content Strategy Director Raoul Miller to learn how to streamline your organization and enhance collaboration.

Reimagining the Workplace: The Power of Digital

We all have our theories, but no one truly knows what the future of the workplace looks like in light of COVID-19. There are some clues, however. In this keynote session, Chris Hemingway, ISV Regional VP, Salesforce, looks at how the pandemic has changed the way we work forever and what businesses can do to adapt and thrive.

Tune in to this session to learn how digital solutions can help companies navigate reopening responsibly and inform decision-making to support a safe return to the office. Chris also expands on how this digital transformation can empower the workforce and prepare it for the future. If you’re looking for a killer session on how to increase agility and unlock productivity from any location, this is the one for you. Build resilience in the face of unforeseen events and set your business up for sustained success.

Ensure Business Resilience with Adobe Sign and M-Files

2020 changed everything and digital experiences are no longer optional. With so many people working remotely, the spotlight shines brightly on companies’ responses to the crisis. Did they arm their staff with the tools needed to ensure a smooth customer experience?

This session from Adobe’s Product Marketing Director Lisa Croft is chock full of fascinating facts and figures about the rise of remote work, resilience and shifting priorities. Find out how, by implementing end-to-end digital document experiences, companies are leading their digital transformation and minimizing disruption.

Reduce Software Deployment Time Using Agile Methodology

Check out this incredible story of a business dogged with chaotic workflows and scattered information. Find out how they solved some of the most fundamental information management problems that every business faces.

Take a trip on one company’s enterprise content management journey and see how DCP Midstream approached the selection of a document management solution with an agile methodology that sped up deployment and solved key issues — in days, not months.