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eBook and Social Media Images: 100 Information Management Stats that Will Blow Your Mind

This year, we aggregated 100 of the most surprising and actionable statistics from the world of information management. There is an explosion of information afoot in 21st-century business. In fact, every day we create…

2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data — which is 2.5 quintillion bytes. This would fill 10 million Blu-Ray discs, the height of which stacked, would measure the height of 4 Eiffel Towers on top of one another.

How we handle that information in the business community is a different story altogether.

69% of workers store and manage documents in their email. And 92% of employees review and collaborate on documents via email. This is surprising given that email is arguably the most ill-equipped system to process and manage large volumes of information, without creating significant problems.

In this graphical eBook, we highlight these and 100 of the most interesting and eye-opening stats about information management, spanning several categories including:

  1. Global market
  2. Mobile document management
  3. Artificial intelligence
  4. Data repositories
  5. Productivity
  6. E-signature
  7. Paper documents
  8. Cloud file usage
  9. Document management ROI
  10. IT/Cloud Security
  11. Digital transformation

Download 100 Information Management Stats that Will Blow Your Mind here:

In addition, we have created sharable social media images (like the one above) for use in your own social media — in several sizes for every platform. Use them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or wherever you want to share. Download those here: