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How We Instituted Remote Working in Less than 24 Hours

In my previous blog post, I wrote about how efficient remote work has now become a critical business enabler. In March, we here at M-Files were faced with the exact same reality as the rest of the world. There was an instantaneous need to pack up the laptop and start working remotely from home.

But that was not a problem. It was just as simple as it sounds. Pick up your pc and headphones and go home.

Setting up the home office was smooth sailing as we use M-Files as a tool for content storage, processing, and collaboration. And what was it that made it so easy? It is the ability to have all information available regardless of where I work from. Home office now, but it could just as well be any other location with internet access — a coffee shop, a coworking space, a client location, wherever.

Set up home office

If I need to share something, or continue working with a document someone has created, I don’t need to worry if I have the latest version of a document in my email, or that it was sent to me with some vulnerable private file sharing tools. With M-Files, we all have access to the document, and there is always only one common version of any document. No version chaos! No different versions in emails, in network drives, or on anyone’s C-drive. Everything is stored in M-Files, and my colleagues will have access to the documents based on their role — and based on their need to see or edit something.

One version of a document

With all content managed in M-Files, I also have the added benefit of automated workflows that support our processes. Getting comments, or approval, from one or several of my colleagues is easy and efficient, and the version history of the file will also store the steps in case anyone needs to confirm the process later.

Workflows to support processes

Recently, I was happy to hear some real-life examples of how our customers have been able to face this new reality of working in a leap. This is what one of our customers wanted to share about their experiences:

Jen Dingmann, Systems Analyst Manager at Stearns Bank N.A. says:

“As a national bank, our staff and operations are centralized at our head office and physical branches throughout the US. As a long-time M-Files customer, we’ve been able to seamlessly transition to a virtual work environment without skipping a beat. We have also recently been able to quickly automate new business processes with M-Files to address the rapidly accelerating Paycheck Protection Program loan application volume. This has been an invaluable asset in delivering on our promise of helping customers with a sense of urgency and accountability.”

While there is an urgency to make remote work both efficient and secure — and to do it quickly — make sure you make sound decisions and that your investment is future-proof. You can also benefit from the same ease and efficiency we did. M-Files lets you connect to your existing business systems and data archives – even network folders –  without the need for immediate data migration. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of M-Files, and work with your content effectively from the start, from anywhere on Earth.

My challenges related to remote working have nothing whatsoever to do with data access or efficiency; my only issue is that I am not able to meet face-to-face with my colleagues. Even as a native of Finland, where social distancing has always been part of the culture, I find that I miss the occasional water cooler talks. Luckily, video conferencing gives me a bit of the personal contact I need to work remotely.