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Infographic: How to Save Half Your Workday with Intelligent Information Management

Last month, we posted a blog article that dissected the many statistics out there on just how long it takes to find documents in the workplace. Various reports over the years suggested that knowledge workers spend anywhere between 5-12 hours per week to find information they need to do their job.

If an organization could cut that time in half for each knowledge worker, imagine the huge productivity bump companywide. The solution may indeed be hiding in plain sight with intelligent information management platforms like M-Files, which:

  1. Enables users to find the information they need lightning fast with Google-like results
  2. Automates many of the mundane, time-consuming tasks that sap productivity

Check out this recent infographic, where you’ll find:

  • 10+ actionable statistics on productivity loss
  • An alarming calculation of the real cost wrought by inefficiency
  • 10 ways to combat productivity lost to poor information management