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M-Files Online – A New Era of Intelligent Information Management Has Arrived

We live in exciting times! Digital transformation changes businesses at an increasing pace.  Many of the systems and tools we rely upon today weren’t even invented 10 years ago. Or at the very least they were only used by just a few early digital adopters in their private lives, not in business.

For example, the Android operating system was released in 2010—just eight years ago. Today it dominates the mobile OS market with over 85% market share. Another mobile forerunner, the iPhone, is also just over a decade old.

Information management has changed dramatically as well. The focus has shifted away from compliance and records management and toward managing information across all enterprise systems in alignment with business workflows and processes to boost business.

The Growing Content Chaos

The volume of digital information is increasing at an incredible rate. All data is expected to double every two years, and 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.

To make matters more complicated, data is scattered across a growing number of systems and repositories—either in the cloud or in on-premises applications—and the data comes in various formats.

Handled the old-fashioned way, by adding more content repositories and solutions, there’s only one word to describe the result: chaos.

Yet, the need to not only manage business content efficiently, but to also reuse it and archive it on demand is vital for business. Consider this: about 70% of documentation is recreated at some point—most likely because it cannot be found.

If There’s a Will, There’s a Way: How Vendors Must React

As digital transformation necessitates changing requirements for efficient information management, vendors are feeling the pressure to advance their offerings quickly. Many are moving away from annual or bi-annual release cycles to monthly or even more frequent updates. Vendors recognize that customers get the most value for their investment if upgrades occur at a fast pace: automatic updates are preferred by customers because they allow for a smooth and seamless transition to the latest features.

Today’s software also needs to support the way IT environments are built, whether in the cloud or on-premises. And when it comes to information management, adding another content repository truly isn’t the best way to manage the content chaos. According to a recent study by AIIM, 70% of organizations think the days of a monolithic ECM platform are over. Instead, they want to consume content as needed.

What businesses need and want is a solution that allows access to information within different systems and repositories, making the headaches of content migration a nightmare of the past.

The New M-Files Is Here – And It’s Better Than Ever!

M-Files has transformed to address the demands of today’s changing market. As described in my earlier blog post, Why Are Information Management Systems Moving to the Cloud and SaaS?, we have changed the way we develop our products.

Whether you are looking to improve mobile working opportunities, minimize manual work or simply enhance your document or enterprise content management capabilities, the new M-Files approach will fast-track your ability to achieve your goals. Best of all, the new M-Files will make you instantly cloud-ready as you can mix and match as many local and cloud repositories as you want. This makes M-Files the only true hybrid cloud enterprise content management platform on the market.

We call this new and better product M-Files Online.

M-Files Online ensures that you have the latest and the best of M-Files intelligent information management at your fingertips. The continuously improving product keeps you more efficient, and your environment more secure with immediate security updates. More agile and easy implementation allow for a faster time to production. It’s so easy you don’t necessarily even need IT for the task.

More Value with M-Files Online

As you might know, at M-Files we think document management and enterprise content management should be metadata driven, repository neutral and intelligent. These are the three pillars that our solution stands on. Migration is not necessary because you have access to content across systems and repositories – content that is easily managed with AI-driven intelligent information management. Add to that M-Files’ reputation for ease of use and flexibility, along with our built-in tools to support different use cases across industries, and it’s easy to see we’ve come up with a winning formula.

Give It a Go — Free Trial Offer!

You can be one of the first to experience the magic of M-Files Online with our free trial offer.  We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with our customers’ best interests in mind. We hope you’ll try it out or contact our sales team today for more information.