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[PODCAST] The ‘Aha’ Moments of Information Management Technology

When we talk about an “Aha” moment, what do we mean? It’s a moment of sudden insight or discovery, when the gears start turning and the lightbulb goes on over your head. It’s an epiphany, a Eureka moment.

We describe these sudden realizations with several terms — sparks, flashes, light-bulb moments; inspirations and innovations; muses and visions. But what makes them so baffling is that they usually occur unexpectedly, without warning and seemingly out of nowhere.

And there are lots of great examples of this happening. Where people have sudden realizations that “Hey. There could be a better way here.”

Think about:

  • Nick Woodman, the founder of GoPro, who went surfing and couldn’t take a picture of the moment and created an active use, waterproof camera.
  • Ingvar Kampard, the founder of Ikea, who bought a table and couldn’t fit it in his car, so he took the legs off and had the idea for a modular furniture company.
  • Samuel Morse, who heard his wife had tragically passed after childbirth but didn’t get there until she was already buried because the letter arrived late, so he invented a Morse code machine.

In this episode of the Information Innovation Podcast, four M-Filers wax about the ‘Aha’ moments people have when they see certain capabilities or concepts associated with information management technologies like M-Files. Have a listen below and subscribe wherever you may listen to podcasts:

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