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Reining in Content Chaos with a Single Source of Truth

M-Files hosted Digital Workplace UK earlier this year with some spectacular keynote speeches on digital transformation and how to create a digital workplace. One of those keynotes featured M-Files’ UK Sales Director, Jason Arundel, highlighting the speed at which we are generating content and how companies must act now to take control of their content chaos.

Managing content is a significant step for any business’s digital transformation strategy, and he shares his best practice tips to help you make sense of the data you hold.

How bad is content chaos? He starts with some eye-opening statistics including these:

  • 69% of workers store and manage documents using email
  • 52% of organizations use four or more content systems

The result can be extremely detrimental to an organization, presenting problems people didn’t even realize they had.

We wanted to share with you Arundel’s presentation titled A Single Source of Truth, where you learn:

  • How content chaos has been managed in years past
  • The underlying problems and implications of the inability to find information
  • The problem with files-shares and shadow IT

Download the presentation here. If you’d like to register your interest in Digital Workplace 2020, click here.

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