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Risky Business @ Work: Storing Company Information in Personal File-Sharing Apps

Unauthorized employee use of personal file share apps & sync apps for work present security, data loss and non-compliance risks

IT departments are expected to be proactive in spotting and circumventing risks related to employee technology use before they negatively impact operations. But sometimes a threat can emerge from behaviors that must take place to support business operations – like sharing files. Collaborating on content with partners, customers and others is a good thing, except when it puts company information at risk. And that can happen when employees use unauthorized, unsupported and unmonitored personal file sharing apps for storing and sharing company information.

M-Files survey showcases the prevalence of unauthorized personal file sharing app use in the workplace and reveals issues with lack of employee knowledge of related IT policies

M-Files survey showcases the prevalence of unauthorized personal file sharing app use in the workplace and reveals issues with lack of employee knowledge of related IT policies

IT departments and management teams need to recognize this trend and understand the risks that arise in the absence of a clear strategy and related policies about employee use of their personal file share and sync apps at work.

M-Files Survey: Assessing the Impact of Personal File Share and Sync App Use at Work

Recently, M-Files conducted a survey to better understand how these personal apps are being used at work. We reached out to hundreds of professionals in the United States and gleaned the following facts:

  • Nearly 50% indicate that they use their personal file sharing and sync solutions to store confidential company information.
  • 70% said they did not have or know of corporate file sharing policies.
  • 25% responded that their company has experienced information security breaches, data loss, non-compliance issues, loss of control over documents or other problems stemming from the use of personal file sharing and sync solutions.

This infographic illustrates the results of the survey:

Enable Easy File Sharing While Securing and Protecting Information Assets with EIM from M-Files

The M-Files enterprise information management (EIM) solution delivers the simplicity employees demand for sharing and accessing content while ensuring that company information remains secure and protected.

Unlike personal file sharing apps, a sanctioned EIM solution like M-Files can be tailored to enforce information protection policies, automate information-related workflows and give IT broader content management capabilities and company-wide visibility. With M-Files, organizations can also integrate enterprise information management across all business systems (CRM, ERP, etc.).

M-Files can help reduce the threat of unauthorized file sharing app use by employees in the workplace while boosting productivity

Whether reducing the threat of risky file-sharing behaviors or boosting productivity is your main motivation for evaluating enterprise information management, the good news is that M-Files can help you achieve all of your goals. There is no reason to live with the risks associated with unsupported, unauthorized file sharing apps. M-Files enables a collaborative environment where employees get the easy file sharing capabilities and flexible access they want. And your company can avoid the security and compliance threats associated with unregulated and unauthorized employee use of personal file sharing and sync apps.