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Streamline Sales Processes with Intelligent Information Management

Salesforce is a key solution for anyone working in sales. You will recognize the need to manage customer data and related activities within the Salesforce platform. However, what you might be lacking is the ability to see all related content and documents in the same view.

Well, we have the remedy – Document Management for Salesforce.

M-Files Salesforce add-in gives one access point to all information

With the added power of intelligent information management driven by artificial intelligence, you can combine your business data with unstructured content — like Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, emails, etc.

You can:

Access documents and content in different systems and repositories — like network folders for example, directly from Salesforce
Create offers, proposals and sales agreements using the official template and get them approved by workflows
Manage all business processes in one view

With the 360-degree view and integrated workflows that support your sales processes you save time and make daily operations easier.

What’s more, now you can access all your connected documents even outside the office network.

M-Files Salesforce integration allows customers to manage files from any system and repository in one familiar view. You can integrate business data with content in a single solution. Full integration with Microsoft Online allows easy editing of documents with the familiar Microsoft user interface. With the workflows that are part of M-Files, you can easily automate document handling tasks, improve compliance and streamline business processes.

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