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The Formula for a Phenomenal Customer Experience Has to Include Information Management – #AIIM19

This week, several M-Files team members are in San Diego at AIIM 2019, the annual conference hosted by the Association of Intelligent Information Management (AIIM). They’ve really brought together a great group of people, each with an interesting and unique angle on how businesses manage (or should manage) information. We’ve enjoyed talking with information workers about their challenges, their successes and everything in between. One commonality in speaking with attendees is they’re all in tune with the many rewards of strong information management. They know firsthand how a company commitment to good information management uncovers all kinds of interesting opportunities. To that end, one of the key themes of the conference so far has been the contribution of information management to enhancing the customer experience.

The Path to a Good Customer Experience is an Efficient Business

The keynote speaker this morning was Customer Experience Futurist Blake Morgan. She led with an interesting stat:

77% of CEOs focus on efficiency to drive revenue growth.

Morgan posited the premise that efficiency is a key contributor to a marvelous customer experience and, thus, businesses that focus on efficiency can better delight their customers.

It makes perfect sense. Good information management practices drive efficiency. Period. And when information or content or data is managed properly, companies are in a better position to create a seamless journey for their customers.

A Less-than-Perfect Customer Experience True Story

There are several examples that come to mind when thinking about how intelligent information management can help the customer experience, but here’s a true story example:

One time I went all the way through the sales process with a SaaS solution provider and told the Sales team all about my needs and why this solution might make sense. I laid it all out there. Eventually, I made the purchase.

Naturally, once I was a paying customer, the Sales team passed me off to the Account team to help us set up and implement the solution. The transition was a bit clumsy. The Account team was only mildly aware of our situation. I asked if they had the questionnaire I filled out about my needs. They’d have to get back to me on that. It made for a clunky customer experience right from the jump.

If that company had better information management practices, the Account team would have had all of the information about me at their fingertips – CRM notes, the questionnaire I filled out, the whitepaper I downloaded during the sales process, the proposal I saw and the agreement I signed… and everything else related to me as a prospect and customer. They would have been a click away from all the information they needed to enter the relationship fully informed and provide a seamless experience.

That’s just one example of many. The message is the same though. Intelligent information management enables companies to be more customer-focused.

Morgan talked about how companies need to prepare for the customer of the future by adopting a customer experience mindset throughout the organization. It’s a point that is so simple yet so potent.

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