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Top 5 reasons you should join the new M-Files Community

The new M-Files Community launches on March 15, and you're invited to join us. Why should you join?

1. Because you can get answers

As an M-Files customer or partner, you need access to expertise. Maybe that expertise comes from our internal team of technical experts. Maybe it comes from other customers who face the same challenges as you. Maybe it comes from your Customer Success Manager. Either way, by posting a question on the new M-Files Community, you can get the answers you need.

2. Because you can ask any kind of question

Got a question about a best practice? A simple how to? Maybe you have a question you don’t know whom to ask. The community is the place. One of the greatest benefits of on-line communities is that they open doors to any kind of question, even a question that doesn't quite fit anywhere else. Have a question that's not covered in user documentation but isn't suitable for a support case either? Head to the M-Files Community.

3. Because you no longer have to ask: where is that resource saved again?

The M-Files resource ecosphere is vast. The Resources area of the new M-Files Community draws together all top customer resources. Clear out your browser bookmarks and let the community be your guide to the many resources that M-Files offers.

4. Because you can self-serve

The community's integrated search allows you to retrieve results from the community itself and M-Files support documentation. The community's blogs give you immediate access to product updates and release notes. The community's events calendar guides you to webinars, either live or recorded. The best part? If you've got a question about any of these resources that you've found, you can ask it on the community.

5. Because you can connect with M-Files users who are where you are

No one knows M-Files better than its users. On the new M-Files Community, you can get to know those users, be they administrators, partners, or end users. On the community, you can connect the people who share your experiences, understand your perspective, and can speak to your challenges. Learn about their use cases. Offer your insights. Share your wins. That's what the M-Files Community is all about.

Are you ready to join the new M-Files Community? After March 15, go to

  • If you are new to the community, click join and create an account.
  • If you have an account on the existing M-Files community, click the recover password button on the home page to activate your account and access your previous activity.