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[VIDEO] 8 Clear Advantages of Applying Artificial Intelligence to the Simple Process of File Saving

One of our resident Artificial Intelligence experts, Trevor Cookson, gave a presentation at KMWorld 2018 and we thought it worth the share with our audience. In the talk, Cookson discussed the benefits of File-Save applications enabled by artificial intelligence (AI). Saving a file or document… It’s such a simple process that 99.999% of office workers do every day. And as such a ubiquitous process, the question becomes: How can the process of saving files be optimized? Because any optimization of that file saving will surely be amplified throughout an organization.

Cookson dove into eight AI-enabled considerations when saving a file to make it findable and increase the inherent value of the document:

  1. Language detection
  2. Duplicate management
  3. Document classification
  4. Metadata extraction
  5. Access to PII
  6. Key topic matters, concepts, and document features
  7. Workflow initiations
  8. Application of security settings 

Particularly interesting was Cookson’s thoughts on extracting information from documents:

“Once I know it’s an invoice, I want to know the customer. I want to know the due date. I want to know the amount. And when you start to get into that next level of information extraction, which once you know what it is, you can get to this next level.”

It’s a great 3-minute listen, check it out below.

(And if you’re a Software Engineer interested in working on cutting-edge AI applications in information management, consider joining our team.)

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