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Case Study: DEMGY

DEMGY streamlines operations using M-Files as a single source of information.

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DEMGY is an international group that offers sustainable and intelligent plastic and composite solutions, with the goal of replacing metal to lighten structures and reduce the impact on the planet in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and sports and leisure industries. This is evidenced by its latest co-creation with Decathlon for an entirely recyclable soccer shoe, the Traxium Compressor.

In addition, DEMGY invented the concept of Multiplasturgy®, encompassing 10 sectors of expertise including concepts such as precision machining, mono/micro and bi-material injection, thermoforming, composite and bio-composite processing, surface treatment, decoration and assembly, 3D printing and Smart Plastic Products. As such, the company is constantly managing a myriad of complex projects simultaneously. DEMGY manufactures a diverse number of unique parts and registers between 5,000 and 6,000 active references each year with each part produced accompanied by a manufacturing file with a huge volume of documents.