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2019 Intelligent Information Management Benchmark

M-Files invites you to receive a report of 40+ powerful and actionable information management findings. Learn how you stack up against your peers now.

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Did you know that 83% of workers have had to recreate a document which already existed because they were unable to find it on their corporate network?

What about the fact that just under nine in ten (86%) employees experience challenges when it comes to searching for information they need to do their job?

Find out what 1,500 companies worldwide are reporting about the way they manage documents and information, including impactful findings on:

  • Document management
  • Document version "hide and seek"
  • Mobile access to company information
  • Challenges with approval of documents
  • Artificial intelligence and the role it plays in document contextualization
  • …and much more

Find out how your organization stacks up. Complete the registration form to receive a link via email to access the report.