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3 Ways Intelligent Information Management is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

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In the manufacturing industry, nearly 21% of companies say a lack of document control resulted in 5-10 (or more) documentation remediation incidents at their companies.

The business of tracking information, materials and financials as they move across the supply chain has long been riddled with complexities. This is especially true for manufacturers managing quality and regulatory compliance activities across global business entities, systems and processes – from supplier, to manufacturing subcontractor, to wholesaler to retailer.

In this whitepaper, find out how manufacturing companies are leveraging information management techniques to solve pervasive and all-too-common problems unique to the industry, including:

  • 9 eye-opening stats about information management in the manufacturing industry
  • 4 case studies on how your competitors are leveraging intelligent information management
  • An information management practical application common to most all manufacturers — bills of lading