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Feature Deprecation Notice for March '19 Update

In the March '19 update for M-Files Online and in M-Files 2018 Update 1903, we will include the following feature changes:

  • Creating new cached replica vaults is disabled.
  • Co-authoring is disabled by default.
  • The Share via OneDrive and Share as PDF via OneDrive features are discontinued.

Cached replica vaults

Creating new cached replica vaults is disabled unless the feature has been used before installing the March '19 update on the M-Files server.

M-Files cached replica vaults was the first generation replication feature for M-Files. Since then, we have added multiple more reasonable ways to replicate content across multiple M-Files servers, which has dramatically decreased the adoption of this feature. The main drawback of the cached replica vaults feature has been the requirement for an active network connection between the replica and master server. For a higher performance and more tolerant replication scenarios, we recommend using the content replication and archiving feature.

If you are using the cached replica vaults feature, the feature stays enabled after the update, but you will not be able to create new cached replica vaults. We also recommend you to consider replacing your existing cached replica vaults with a solution based on the content replication and archiving feature.


Users used to be able to begin a co-authoring session for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. This feature was based on integration between M-Files and OneDrive Personal. The integration did not fulfill the security requirements of most M-Files customers, and due to a low adoption of this feature and the recent changes in OneDrive Personal API, we are discontinuing this feature.

We are actively working on a new, improved co-authoring feature that will be based on Office 365. We expect to launch this feature in July 2019.

Co-authoring is supported in a few ways in M-Files:

  • Co-authored files can be stored in SharePoint and accessed via the M-Files user interface by using IML Connectors for external repositories.
  • The co-authoring feature can be enabled by following the instructions in the document Customizing Co-Authoring and Sharing Features.
  • Co-authoring via Office 365 is supported in the May '19 update.

Sharing via OneDrive

Share via OneDrive was the first generation feature to allow users to share files from M-Files with non-M-Files users. In April 2016, we launched a new and more versatile public links feature and have recommended using this feature for sharing files with users that do not have access to M-Files vaults. Due to low user adoption, the old Share via OneDrive feature is disabled in the March '19 update.