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M-Files May 2022 release

M-Files Online May '22 Update (22.5.11436.3)

Rollout with automatic updates begins on May 16th, 2022. 


  • Co-Authoring for the new M-Files Web 
    • You can now use co-authoring with the new M-Files Web. Co-authoring is also supported in M-Files Desktop and the classic M-Files Web.
    • You can use links to invite people to participate in co-authoring.
  • Improved Pinned tab in M-Files Desktop
    • You can now categorize and arrange your pinned items on the Pinned tab in M-Files Desktop.
  • Hubshare integration vault app
    • With the Hubshare integration vault app, you can create Hubshare hubs and invite users to Hubshare directly from the M-Files clients.
  • Role-based access for M-Files Manage
    • In addition to the subscription admin role, there are now two new user roles in M-Files Manage: access admin and billing admin.
  • Improvements and bug fixes
    • See the release notes for M-Files May '22 Update after the rollout date.


M-Files 2018 May '22 Update (22.5.11436.3)

The M-Files 2018 product has moved to maintenance mode. No new features will be 
introduced by default to M-Files 2018. The remaining fixes will mainly consist of 
security fixes and crucial bug fixes in M-Files Online Release Notes.

For more information, please see the M-Files 2018 End of Life announcement from 
October 2020.

  • Improvements and bug fixes