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SAML 2.0 authentication plugin support ends on November 30, 2020

M-Files supports multiple authentication mechanisms:

  1. M-Files logins: usernames and passwords are managed by M-Files;
  2. Kerberos Authentication for Microsoft Active Directory integration in on-premises environments;
  3. Federated Authentication via multiple protocols: SAML V2.0, OpenID Connect (OAuth 2.0), LDAP, and WS-Federation for centralized identity management for the cloud and on-premises implementations of M-Files.

Federated authentication is often the recommended authentication mechanism for M-Files due to its security features, compatibility with the cloud solutions, mobile support, and ease of identity management. M-Files customers have adopted this authentication option very widely after its introduction about five years ago. Most, if not all, identity providers support both SAML V2.0 and OpenID Connect (OAuth 2.0) protocols and a vast majority of M-Files customers have chosen to use the OpenID Connect protocol in their M-Files implementations due to better support for mobile use cases.

Due to low adoption of SAML V2.0 authentication plugin, we have decided to focus our further product development and maintenance resources of the federated authentication plugins on the OpenID Connect protocol and therefore announce end of support for the SAML V2.0 starting on November 30, 2020. We encourage customers using the SAML V2.0 to start planning transitioning to OpenID Connect -based authentication and contact us for assistance.