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The ABC's of Efficiency - Autonomy, Blockchain and Collaboration, with Hanns-Christian Hanebeck, CEO of Truckl

Podcast Summary

In this conversation with Hanns-Christian Hanebeck, Founder and CEO of Truckl, he talks about technology, AI, and supply chains. Today, you’ll hear about blockchain, data management, the pandemic and its effects on supply chain, using AI to become more efficient, the rise of autonomous supply chains, using technology to improve collaboration, and Chris addresses the fears that human jobs will become obsolete.

Episode Outline

[00:24] About Chris
[01:03] Automation, supply chains, and the pandemic
[04:19] Efficiency with AI
[12:44] Autonomous supply chains
[17:06] Using technology for collaboration
[22:16] The changing human element
[27:12] Blockchain and data

Connect with Hanns-Christian

Chris has over 25 years of experience as a technology strategist and innovator. Holding numerous patents, Hanns-Christian has worked with a diverse group of inventors to market and monetize their innovations. He is a regular speaker at conferences, gives lectures on supply chain management at the University of North Texas, serves on advisory boards for several technology startups, and advises the World Economic Forum on supply chain, trade technology, and blockchain.


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