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3 ways better client information management can transform your firm

Professional services firms are dealing with large volumes of client documents and data, which is often highly sensitive. The way that it is stored, managed and collaborated on - both internally and with clients - can significantly impact the quality of the client experience your firm is able to provide.

In this webinar, we will explore three key ways in which better client information management can ultimately help your firm increase utilization, reduce risk, and enhance reputation.

1. Productivity: When client data and information is stored and managed across multiple repositories, it becomes a time-consuming challenge for your staff to access the information they need to do their job. Document-centric processes such as client onboarding are often manual and error prone, and take staff away from high-value tasks and billable work. In other words, they have to sacrifice efficiency for effectiveness. But what if they didn't? By streamlining client document management, connecting information across repositories and automating repetitious workflows, your team can become more productive and deliver a better service to clients.

2. Collaboration: How do you quickly, easily and securely collaborate on documents and information with clients and third-parties? Many firms are still reliant on sending email attachments or turning to consumer file sync and share apps to address this. Does this provide the client with an experience worthy of your brand? Does this ensure their sensitive data remains secure and your brand reputation intact?

3. Information Governance: Client documents and data are often highly sensitive and it's critical that they can only be accessed by those with the correct authorization. Information getting into the wrong hands could be costly - the average cost of a data breach is more than $7m - and damaging to your firm's reputation. With remote work further complicating matters, how are you ensuring that you retain visibility and control over information, regardless of where your staff are accessing it from? How do you ensure that it is only accessible to the right people, without hindering productivity and collaboration? Join us for this discussion to hear how firms are addressing these topics and delivering a better client experience through better information management - helping them gain a competitive edge.