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Connect all your content with M-Files for Microsoft Teams & Outlook

On-Demand Webinar
Duration: 56 Minutes
Language: English

This on-demand webinar discusses how M-Files for Microsoft Teams and Outlook can help elevate Microsoft's key collaboration and communication tools to the next level for better visibility, productivity and control.

As Office 365 transforms the way people work, there is a huge opportunity to dramatically improve productivity and accelerate adoption by making it the unified point of access to information across the enterprise. M-Files embeds rich content services directly within Teams, Outlook and SharePoint Online, ensuring the right balance between easy collaboration, compliance and control.

This on-demand webinar discusses maximizing your Office 365 investment by:

  • Automating and saving high volumes of emails and attachments
  • Accessing and managing documents stored in any repository directly from Outlook
  • Quickly and easily sharing documents in Teams channels
  • Using dynamic permissions to control access to documents across Teams channels

During the webinar, Greg Milliken, VP of Marketing, and Mika Javanainen, VP of Product Marketing, address these topics and showcase M-Files for Teams and Outlook.

Enhance your efficiency with one powerful platform. Watch to learn how!